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To be a leading freight and exporting company spreading tentacles to all the nations of the world
To provide the best of frieght services possible to our client ensuring that they are 100% satisfied

This is our European Truck Haulage service that offers you a door to door service. We will raise your consignment notes in a matter of moments and send you a booking confirmation notes and tracking number and also email update on the progress of your booking from collection to the point of delivery.

All the above eurotrux features plus extra speed with more countries served. If you need to get it there the fastest way, then try our Express Eurotrux today.

To calculate the cost of using our Eurotrux service please use our Eurotrux Service Calculator .

    Competitive Rates  
Because your satisfaction is our concern, we keep our charges low so you can smile
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We are in business because we have passion for what we do. We serve you the best.
  Wide-range Global Services
From air & sea freight to exports and product sourcing and buying, we have enough to cater for your needs.

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